Rusyn Museum in Mucsony

Collected by Zoltán Filkoházi.
Web design: Kornél Kaulics

Inside our museum.

The prints of the Carpathian Wooden Churches. (Published in Prague, 1931.)

A Virgin Mary - painting is a proof of our devotion to Mary. We have also data for using the "ruchnik" on the top.

A memorial tablet of Abbot Bacsinszky. Designed by Dr. László Kárpáti.

The memorial corner of the beloved late Palicskai priest.

This sledge belonged to a well-to-do farmer in the year of 1920.

This used to be a babushka made of silk.

The instruments of kneading and churning.

Our farmers used these pottery and pots and pans and tools as well.

The child's box, or "shedanka". Mucsony, 1920-s.

A mill from the 19th century. The handles are missing.

A loom or "krosna" from 1887.

An iron, a "shekachka", a "shkrobachka" and a stand.

Metal ornaments used for carts and gates. Mucsony, 1st half of 20th century.

Tools from the latest local blacksmith's shop of 1960-s.

Agricultural tools - properly reflecting the occupations.

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